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Elephant shrew
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This community is for all lovers of elephant shrews. Feel free to join if you like them, no one will be denied. Also, feel free to post in here when you're a member. Just a few rules:

1) Be nice. This shouldn't be too hard, I would think, but I want to make sure everyone understands it.

2) Only post about something shrew related. It doesn't always have to be elephants, but I would like it to mainly be about that. Pictures are welcome as well, just make sure they're under a cut.

3) No really bad language, please. We're talking about elephant shrews.

4) New members should, but are not required to, post a new member post, just saying a little about themselves, like:

State/Area you live in (optional):
A little something about why you love elephant shrews:

If there's any questions or anything, just e-mail me. My address is animalspirit920@yahoo.com.

That's it. Enjoy~!
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